Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. 2018 International Educators’ Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees

  • Florin John Ciuriuc
  • Holly S. Cooper
  • Edenausegboye Buelah Pearl Davis, MPA
  • Grace Fontanilla
  • Kevin Russell Gibbs
  • Raymond Gutierrez, Jr.
  • Desmond Jolly
  • Aladrian Mack, M.A.
  • Diane Chandler-Marshall, M.A.
  • Jeraldine “Jerri” Lange
  • Doris I. Mangrum
  • Jacque Sherrill Tahuka-Nunez, B.A., B.S.
  • Amagda Pérez, Esq.
  • Professor Bradford Parkinson
  • Linda D. Rose, Ed.D.
  • Elmer L. Towns, Dean. MIN.
  • Harold Dean Trulear, Ph.D.
  • Holly Viola Van Valkenburgh


  • Kaanchanapalli Govardhan Raju, M.A., MPhil, Ph.D.


  • Julius Rosenwald


  • The Rick Gonzales, Sr. Family
  • Kathryn Hall Trujillo and Tamu Nolfo

Community Service Awards

  • Mr. Mikhail Kishchenko; Youth Pastor, Bethany Slavic Missionary Church
  • Mr. Eric Murrell, Murrell’s Fashion
  • Mr. Richard Nelson; Founder, HAWK youth group
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Oliver, California Motor & Escort Company
  • Bonnie Jean Pannell; Sacramento City Council
  • Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Roberts; Roberts Family Development Center
IEHOF 2017 honorees


Youth-on-the-Move Inc. (YOMI) – International Educators’ Hall of Fame (IEHOF): Preserving Legacies, Honoring Excellence and Uniting Generations. –  Youth on the Move website>>

We strive to help our youth succeed in life with the help of positive community role models – such as our Hall of Fame Educators.

IEHOF - Vision

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A Teenagers handbook for success vol1 - 2017

This unique handbook “A Teenager’s Handbook for Success Vol.1, embodies the mission of Youth-on-the-Move,Inc.(YOMI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization founded in Sacramento, CA, in 1985.

The mission of YOMI is to help youth succeed in life with the help of positive community role models. The Hall of Famers in YOMI’s International Educators’ Hall of Fame are ALL positive community role models and mentors.

Their advices to youth/teenagers (and others) in the book conveys myriad tips on How
Teenagers (and others) can have success in all aspects of their lives (at home, school, church, community, work, etc.) if they read, reflect on and heed the advice given.

If you are a Hall of Famer of the YOMI International Educators’ Hall of Fame, you,too can get your copy copies TODAY; see if your ADVICE is among the 280 included in the book. Indeed, your financial and kind support helps our nonprofit continue its many projects and services. Your donations are tax deductible.

To teenagers and all others, do not procrastinate; get your copy TODAY and Gift copies to others. Only $10.00 donation per copy.


Youth on the Move Inc, in partnership with

Destin EEE Empowerment
Group presents
Making Parenting a Pleasure Workshops

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Indigenous People Conference at UCI - 5_22_17

Indigenous People Conference held at UCI – May 22, 2017

IEHOF participated in the Indigenous People Conference at UCI, on May 22, 2017 at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center of National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
Hall of Famer, Dr. Kogee Thomas was the Chief Organizer with UCI, Dr. John Whiteley.

This photo is of many of the attendees: Native American Chiefs from around the country and the Advisory Board of which Dr Patricia Adelekan, Founder of the International Educators’ Hall of Fame and Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. (many students fron UCI and other institutions attended). Lou Noble of the Los Amigos organization in Anaheim, etc.

Native American Projects developed out of the conference related to water,education, uranium, and environment. The organizers are asking the public if they are interested in working on some of the issues. If so, or if you require more information, please contact:

Dr. Pat Adelekan, DTM2, CTA 714-628-9844
Organizing Committee and Advisory Board Member

Youth-On-The-Move Educational International (YOMEI)

Board of Directors>>

IEHOF 2016 Inductees


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