25th Annual Silver Jubilee

To a Reunion for All Inductees of the International Educators' Hall of Fame (1993 - 2018)

To be held, on Saturday, August 25, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. 5:00 pm
at the UC Davis School of Law, Davis, CA 95616

The Northern California Branch of the International Educators’ Hall of Fame will host a Reunion for All Hall of Famers at the above-named location and date.
The Purpose for the Reunion is for Hall of Famers to come together to:
1. Meet one another again, or for the first time;
2. Share with each other what you have been doing since your induction a) personally, or
b)with students of any age, culture, religion etc. – Remember we are an intergenerational organization
3. Video record something you would like to be archived (about you and/or you and education)
as part of your legacy as an iconic educator;
4) Have fun with, support one another, and to have refreshments and just enjoy. If you have a musical
instrument, sing, or do poetry – or anything else, please share your interests/talents with us;
5) Discuss our Educators’ Museum and Learning Center and various activities there and
its future development;
6) Perhaps have a panel discussion on the following relevanat topics:
a. the achievement gap;
b. support of and involvement of parents in education;
c. and different types of schools (K-12) (charter, independent, home schools, religious, public,
parochial, continuation high school, special needs, etc.)

Let us come together and be part of a 
Great Unique Group of Humanitarian Educators making and recording history.
Copies of the 2018 Hall of Fame Books (Full-Colored Silver Jubilee Edition) are on sale for a donation of $50.00 each. They make excellent Christmas and other gifts, and are informative biographical readings for schools. This 2018 Full-Colored Silver Jubilee Edition is the largest of our historical books, thus far – with so very many iconic legendry educators who themselves have made history by pioneering and/or making a difference. The books will be available at the event, and we certainly hope you will make plans to get copies for you, your family, friends and others. 
Also, on sale will be the book, A Teenagers’ Handbook for Success, Vol. 1, in which many of you appear giving “Your Advice to Youth.” The price is only $10.00 each
Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. International Educators’ Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth intergenerational education organization – your donations are Tax Deductible #68-0139194. We use the proceeds to fund our many activities, the Hall of Fame and Youth Award Ceremonies, Scholarships, Museum and Learning Center, trainings and much more. 
We are looking forward to your being at our REUNION, on August. 25, 2018. 
Please RSVP either to:
1. Dr. Patricia Adelekan, Retired Educator, Founder, CEO; 714-628-9844; Email:iehof2015@gmail.com also Hall of Famer in several countries starting in 1997.
2. Mr. Rick Gonzales, Retired Educator, Hall of Famer, 2013, Coordinator Yolo County Branch of the IEHOF; 530-758-2331; etgonzales@sbcglobal.net

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