A Word From A Scholar

Minister Adetokunbo Adelekan

Minister Adetokunbo Adelekan
Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, N.J. USA , 1993

click Since the dawn of history, the human spirit has been engaged in a never-ending, oft-eluding quest for social enrichment and communal betterment. In every generation there are a precious few who rise above the tide of popular opinion and assail the storms of egoism, social blindness and collective inertia that threaten the fabric of our common humanity.  These ‘great unselfish souls’ possess the rare capacity to trace the sign of the moment and to discern the opportunities and possibilities of the human soul for their particular age. Endowed with the prophet’s imagination, the visionary’s drive and the school teacher’s persistence, they diligently attend to the work of the human situation, sometimes under the menacing eye of an unforgiving public, sometimes in the back room of some forgotten building, and oftentimes abandoned in the desolate desert of fate and destiny, but always free to tap into that inner source that compels them to face adversity-come what may. Such are many of the individuals that have been inducted into the International Educators’ Hall of Fame!!!

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enter site The human spirit is most free when enmeshed within the urgent vitalities of time and place, on behalf of some life-transcending and world-engaging purpose, actively pursuing the enrichment and betterment of all. Patricia Adelekan, my mother and teacher, is one of those spirits whose creative and compassion vocational ‘impulse’ transports us ever closer to the actualization of our dignity and worth as human beings. Her personal ethic embodies the Olympian heights and expansive breath of a deeper and more profound reality than the one that we now face. As my mother has often said “Our capacity to strive and to fulfill our potential reflects our appreciation of God’s Grace.” This compendium — one that is distinguished by the commitment, character and concern of some of the most noble spirits of this generation — is an extension of her life dedication to the ethics of personal development, family uplift and communal concern en-route to social transformation and human betterment. We thank God for such a masterful mother and teacher.

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Online Sale | Priligy Kamagra Online . If you want to take care of your health. Clomid Buy India Stop Searching About Best pills! Get NOW! The International Educators’ Hall of Fame is a testament of hope for coming generations, for it bears witness to the rich legacy of moral courage, scholarly excellence and spiritual wisdom. The lives of the personages that have been inducted are characterized by the indelible stamp of engaging and loving wisdom. Love is the one distinct quality that blends this variegated pantheon of educators into a unifying whole.

follow url. Sales: Purchase Pills Online at The Best Prices Guaranteed. No prescription required. Non Prescription. Discreet Packaging The lives of these individuals disclose the rich lore of creativity that permeates our common humanity. Their life-work and teachings signify the ability of the intellect and imagination to embrace moral centredness, intellectual excellence and critical social engagement. Their voices collectively speak to the pertinent issues of our social life, the sense of our collective worth and the power of the Almighty. Through these educators, we hear, we listen, we see, we follow, we walk across the pastures of destiny, to become the light of the world. Hail to the all the educators inducted!!