2013 IEHOF Honorees

  1. Michael W. Benjamin, Sr.
  2. Gerald L. Bryant
  3. Shirley Ann Ewing
  4. Rick Gonzales
  5. L. LaSimba M. Gray Jr.
  6. Lynn P. Hartzler, Ph.D.
  7. Larry E. McKinney, M.Div.,M.A.
  8. Professor Travis L. Parker, Jr.
  9. Willie James Portis
  10. Alan H. Rowe
  11. Nhia Lue Vang
  12. David Watkins, Ph.D.
  13. Carroll Van West

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  1. Isbell/Duiguid Family
  2. Paulo Freíre,   Recife,  Brazil
  3. Lewis Jackson
  4. Brenda Ruth Montgomery
  5. Patricia Nordberg
  6. Rachel Marie D’Avino—Sandy Hook, Connecticut 6
  7. Anne Marie Murphy—Sandy Hook, Connecticut 6
  8. Lauren Rousseau­—Sandy Hook, Connecticut 6
  9. Mary Sherlach—Sandy Hook, Connecticut 6
  10. Victoria Soto—Sandy Hook, Connecticut 6
  11. Dawn Hochsprung—Sandy Hook, Connecticut 6

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  1. Joe Stinson
  2. Albert Wilson
  3. East Bay Aviators, Inc./Ben L. Henderson, Founder
  4. Los Amigos of Orange County, CA/Dr. Jose Moreno, President
  5. WCIC of Sacramento, Inc./Playmate Head Start Programs/Edenausegboye B.P. Davis, MPA/Director
  6. Toastmasters International/ Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, Founder