International Educators’ Hall of Fame (IEHOF) Museum and Learning Center

 Purpose:   To help create and/or preserve (now and in the future) legacies of Inductees into the IEHOF –in positive and supportive learning environments.

Mission: to highlight and preserve the achievements of great educators (past, present and future) who  positively impact(ed)lives the world over and to engage inductees in positive intergenerational teaching and learning opportunities for youths, families and communities alike. Vision: to establish small museums located throughout communities –the world over– where people can visit,  research and study the lives and contributions of outstanding  achievers and history-makers in the field of education.  To help youth succeed in life with the knowledge and help of these positive community role models.   To help close the “Achievement Gap.” The Hall of Famers are often “firsts,” “founders,” “pioneers,” “trailblazers”, and “movers-and-shakers” representing  a plethora of disciplines/ fields of  knowledge. To engage in activities that will generate funds to help financially sustain the upkeep of the IEHOF museum/learning center. Possible locations: near public transportation and areas where people frequently gather:  schools, city halls, churches, strip/ shopping malls, houses, business districts, Enterprise Zones (EZ), neighborhoods, office buildings, downtowns, convention centers, etc. Possible components, activities of the IEHOF museums/learning centers (multi-purpose facilities, etc.)
  1. Reading space – for reading and research.
  2. Library/archives- to gather books, magazines, etc. about educators and their contributions
  3. Space for classes, meetings, trainings, other gatherings
  4. Analogue and digital image making (darkroom for photo development)
  5. Computers, printers, scanners
  6. Archives- of documents and other memorabilia
  7. Showcases, other exhibit spaces
  8. Space for food preparation –lunch room, cafeteria)
  9. Book store, boutique, gallery to display and sell merchandise, art, etc.
  10. Lounge for informal gatherings, resting, reading
  11. Restrooms, kitchen/food preparation space,
  12. Tables, chairs, couch(es)
How financed: memberships, admissions, grants, donations, fundraisers, bequeaths, charitable giving. Money-generating activities: Bookstore, boutique, gallery: sell of items (books, t-shirts, stationery, candy, post cards, photos, etc) Auctions, Art shows, historical items, The Hall of Fame Events, and other valuables donated or created by members and donors.





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