Sacramento,1993-2003 from around the world * = Hall of Famers deceased after inducted

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1. Agatha Anderson*
2. Agnes Jackson Bailey*
3. John T. Braxton*
4. Alvin Bryant*
5. Margarate Greene*
6. Hortense Hurdle
7. Ervin Jackson, Jr.*
8. Louis Johnson, Jr.*
9. Wilson Riles*
10. Joanna Tisdale*
11. Pauline Travis*
12. Frank Waller,Jr 1994 Inductees,Sacramento, CA
1. Juanita Curtis, Ed.D.*
2. Ida J. Dunson, M.S.
3. Bessie B. Elezer, M.S.
4. Jaime Escalante*
5. John Favors, Ed.D.*
6. Kathryne Favors, Ed.D.*
7. Alex Gunn, Ed.D.*
8. Vic Harris*
9. Clarice Isaac, Ed.D.*

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10. Charlie Mae K night, Ed.D.
11. Anyim Palmer, Ph.D.
12. Raymond J. Pitts, Ph.D.*
13. David Risling, M.A.*
14. Sally B. Scott, M.A.
15. Mertie Shelby, M.Ed.
16. Nancy Shepherd*
17. Elvie C. Watts, Ed.D.

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Dr. Margie Baker
Dr. Lorraine Stith Boykin
Dr. B. Roberto Cruz*
June Horton Gable*
Virginia Delores Greer*
Dr. Paul Gulyassy
Sarah H. Hutchison*
Dr. Paul Frederic Lawrence*
Dr. F. Melvyn Lawson*
Kathleen Cook Pitts, A.B.*
Mary Tsuruko Tsukamoto*
Ila Juanita Harris Warner*
Vikki M. Walker

precio flomax bioaigua here officers are supposed to wait 15 minutes before administering the test, to make sure that these kinds of things 1996 Inductees, Sacramento, CA
Fatima Ali, Ph.D.*
Lucia Birnbaum, Ph.D.
Precious Craft*
Robert Curry, Ph.D.
Jack Forbes, Ph.D.*
Nannette Hancock
Al Jenkins, Esq.
Rev. Dr. Barbara King
Dorothy Mack*
Jose Montoya
Magda Moussa* – Egypt
Dorothy Pitts*
Melvin Rahming, Ph.D.

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Gloria Randle Scott, Ph.D.
Preston Stegenga, Ph.D.
Margaret Wilkerson, Ph.D.
Sarah Jones (Posthumous)
Howard Thurman (Posthumous)
Addison Richmond (Posthumous) 1997 Inductees, Sacramento, CA
Patricia Adelekan, Ph.D.
Ruth Beckford Smith
Cassandra M. Dandridge
Ronald D. Davis
Shyrlee Freeman
Vernon J. Freeman
Neil Seth Hollander
Mary Laycock*
George Perry
Professor Ishmael L. Reed
Richard H. Shek, Ph.D.
Ms. Mary Perry Smith
Earlice Taylor
Estaban Villa
Franklin Ellis Withrow
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Prof. Min Chung - Buy Viagra pills online at very affordable price. Save money buying Viagra Professional and generic viagra 1998 Inductees, Sacramento, CA
1. Dr. E. Curtis Alexander
2. Dr. Armando A. Ayala*
3. Dr. Benjamin S. Bloom*
4. Loyonya P. Dejean*
5. Marie Fielder, Ph.D.*
6. Mary Flenoy-Kelley
7. Asa G. Hilliard, III. Ed.D.*
8. Jerry P. Houseman, Ed.D.
9. Dr. Jerry C. Lee
10. Dr. William H. Lee
11. Sylvia Sun Minnick
12. Morgan G. Otis, Jr., Ph.D.
13. Lois Laverne Reed-Graham
14. Addison W. Somerville, Ph.D.*
15. Professor Michael Strumpf
16. Mrs. Ollie Marie Watson, M.A.
17. Cornel West, Ph.D.
18. Mrs. Irene B. West

International Inductees, 1998
19. Dr. Seddik Afifi
20. Professor Lily Golden
21. Maher A. Mahdy
Posthumous Inductee, 1998
22. HONORABLE Samuel Pannell*
1999 Inductees – Sacramento, Ca
1. Carl M. Ashe*
2. Dr. Lionel R. Bordeaux
3. Anne T. Braxton
4. Lehman L. Brightman
5. Virna M. Canson*
6. Marion Cleeves Diamond, Ph.D
7. Dr. Consolacion L. Fajardo
8. Judith R. Grahn
9. Toni C. Humber, Ph.D
10. Dr. Robert B. Kennon*
11. Frank R. LaPena, M.A.
12. Simona B. Mora
13. Carolyn Ashe Stokes, M.A.
14. Marielle Tsukamoto
15. Mrs. Florine H. Washington

International Inductees, 1999
16. Dr. Mona Abousenna
17. Uwe Griener
18. Jacob K. Olupona Ph.D.
19. Temba Prescott Vanqa
Posthumous Inductees, 1999
20. Bessie Delany
21. Sarah Louise Delany
22. Dr. Thomas F. Lopez
23. Booker T. Washington

2001 Inductees from Sacramento, Ca
1. Bishop John Blouin
2. Dr. Nelle Becker-Slalton, Ph.D
3. Benee Hopson
4. George Austin Jones
5. Robin C. Kafouros
6. Richard O. Livingston
7. Henry W. Miller
8. Norma Fernandex Montero
9. Linda Padovan
10. Arisika Razak, RN, CNM, MPH
11. Robert Sandova
12. Dr. Robert H. Schuller

13. Michelle Shih

14. Dr. Roberto Barragan, Jr. (1942-2000)
15. Confucius (551-479)
16. Carl N. Gorman (1907-1998)
17. Erma L. Kyser (1945-2001)
18. Charles Risby II (1927-2001)

2002 Inductees, Sacramento, Ca
1. Dr. Steven F. Arvizu Sacramento
2. Sophie Bloom Chicago
3. Betty P. Davis, LCS Sacramento
4. Debra Marie Hopson Sacramento
5. Joseph F. Sheley, Ph.D. Sacramento
6. Kin Nguyen Tu Sacramento
7. Paul Von Blum Los Angeles
8. Mrs. Mahassen H arb, Lebanon
9. Mrs. Mahassen H arb, Lebanon
10. Mahendra Pratap, Fiji Islands
11. Meli N. Tora Fiji Islands
12. Mother Ruth Branner (1927-2002)